The Creative Process..

..I think it's important to understand yourself intimately. We usually don't get ourselves.

Sometimes We get caught up in needing acceptance. I find that interesting, though it does bother me. So when you start to feel that way you have to learn to channel that energy into a Creative Process.

Remind yourself that feeling all the feelings is really healthy !

I have a few Creative Categories.. My Craft, Hair Styling. This teaches me every day about People, & respect to others.

My Painting, I paint Flowers, I dig Botanical Art.

My Photography of Land & Ocean, this brings me closer to Nature, & recharges my energy.

My Singing.. this puts me back in tune with myself, & how great are Audioslave by the way?!!

Finally, my old love, Collaging.. Yup, it's a vibe.

That's why I love print Media so much. It gives me licence to take control of aesthetic that I like the look of & alter their context. By giving it a new story & placing that element where ever I please.

It's like a layer cake, each element adds or detracts from the narrative based on it's place on the page. By adding more & more we build the Image forward to almost a three dimensional version.

In painting I do the same with impasto & sand. In Hair Cutting it's called Texturizing.

The beautiful story line that all these crafting ideas carry is that YOU are there to understand how to reach a solution & an outcome, that happens to look bloody great.

When I see a 'new Salon Guest' in my Salon Chair @dawnhairstudio smiling their little heart out because they gave me trust, & I delivered.. that's reward enough!

Or when I collage & place a random Broccoli next to a cushion. It's my narrative & my contribution to myself & then to others.

The best part about varied art forms is strengthening the way you think and perceive. By giving yourself freedom to express, to create you in a way 'backing yourself'..

Your reminding yourself that lateral thinking is key.

Stop focusing on what's in front of you and checkout the whole spectrum. Collaging helps me to visualize. It makes me ask myself, what do I want, and where am I going with this.. it's a reminder to bliss out and just paste.

It's analogue photoshopping I guess..

You should try it if you can find the time.. (time is important)

Find any elements you like the look of. Make a Mixed Media, and if you find yourself at Spotlight or Lincraft purchasing pompoms and paste, it's not my fault...

Kate Alexandra




All imagery is original

All content is original

Thank you for reading,

Tune in for my next Blog entry on painting in the Home, and Mood based on Feature walls !!






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