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'fællesskab' ..a Danish word for Community

Welcome to our online store.
𐂂 Our Shop stocks a large range of concept Scandinavian decor, both for Home & Kitchen. 𐂂 All items are offered with a specific brand of coziness in mind. 𐂂 Shoot us an Email with your enquiry. We are always happy to help.
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Our Scandi Emporium - The Origin

'fællesskab'.. the Danish word for Community

a synergy between design & beauty
𐂂 It was important to Me to cultivate a community for 'Home Lovers'. I wanted very much to connect with like minded People within my socio-environment. 𐂂 I am extemely passionate about building connection through smart design concept, & creating a Store dedicated to this.𐂂 By speaking words of kindness, & sharing My Design ideas, I hoped to create a sense of familiarity around the Home. Something that translates through all Cultures.𐂂 Our Scandi Emporium is a manifestation of all of my Interior Design inspiration. We, as a team endeavour to create an ambience compatible with all Homes leading Us all to 'feel' a sense of belonging & comfort.𐂂 Our Scandi Emporium is exited that you are here. Welcome to our online store. If there is anything We can help you with, please email your enquiry.
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